Do you take donated second-hand toys?

Yes we do. For toys to be suitable for toy library use they must be in good condition, sturdy, not missing any vital pieces and suitable for children between birth and six years of age. Soft toys are unsuitable as they are unable to be cleaned.


Are the toys clean?

We ask our members to ensure all toys being returned are clean and dry. If your child likes to put things in their mouth, give the toy a wipe with disinfectant.


What happens if a toy we borrowed gets broken?

We will assess the age of the toy, whether it is repairable and whether it is still safe and useable. If it is a new toy and now unusable you will be expected to contribute towards the cost of the broken toy or piece. With older toys where the break is due to normal wear and tear there will be no penalty.


Is there any alternative to doing duties?

The toy library is run by its members. Without enough people to do duties we would be forced to close sessions. If your circumstances make it difficult to attend duties (for example work commitments) then you can contribute to the toy library in other ways. Helping at fundraising events, for example counts as a duty. You could join the committee and be exempt from duties, or you may be able to assist committee members with aspects of fundraising or publicity projects.


Lastly, we do allow members to opt out of duties entirely by paying
a non-refundable $40 levy.