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Our Toys

Discover our library of age appropriate toys


Toy groups

Our toys are divided into seven groups and can be found in seven different places in the library.


These are the large, or active toys, including bikes, scooters, ride-ons, slides, Pikler triangles, sports toys and more.


Toys for fun and imagination, including small-scale models of real things that encourage imaginative play. This includes cars, trucks, dolls, and make-believe play sets such as doctors sets, shop sets and more.


Baby toys, including rattles, activity cubes, rainmakers, pull-along toys and more.


Games and toys most suitable for children over three years of age, ranging from simple classics like dominos to more complicated family games.


The construction sets, ranging from simple Duplo sets for younger children to more complicated building sets for older kids. Also includes magnetic tiles, marble runs and train sets.


Jigsaw puzzles, ranging from basic shape, letter and number puzzles through to 100+ piece puzzles for older children.


These toys encourage development and include matching toys, stacking and sorting toys, musical instruments and other developmentally focused toys.


Toys that focus on sensory and motor skills, including some toys designed for children with special needs. Suitable for all children.

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